About Us

Although I’ve already started a non-profit site and set to launch a couple more, but I never thought of launching this woman-centric site. Since childhood I always wanted to do nationalistic social welfare, this .Com medium has given a new unthought medium to fulfil my wish and an opportunity to do non-profit help to our society.

This site is the result of trauma that my wife has been going through ever since she has been in her government job. She is in a place where woman equality is just in papers but in action everything is against a woman. And she has been having her lot of sexual exploitation too. Who cares in the world? If she complaints, raises her voice - the whole of management/company will be united to persecute her. Disclosing her identity can jeopardize her career for sure.

This left me completely in shock. In US a I’ve read many times women asking for billion dollar in damages but in India women can’t even ask for Re 1 compensation. Even if it is asked for, it’d take 20 years. This has caused me to think about other helpless sisters who lose their career, suffer humiliation, and even more - sexual exploitation and no media to help them out. The company, the management, the society, the family & in-laws including husband all find fault in the woman and hardly anyone want to understand how much helpless a working woman in India really is. When a woman is sexually exploited at the risk of losing her job, at the same time managing her home, family, in-laws how much of pressure she has go thru! Now I can understand

So this non-profit site - a movement is dedicated to helping all those Indian working woman who suffer just because God has made them a "woman" or a "fe-male" or "inferior to male".

India has just started to come out of her poverty and talking of working women’s rights will be too early. Although women in West, especially in US enjoy much more liberty and much better work environment than in India just because of good awareness, strict laws, excellent compensation, quick judgment, less corruption and better bureaucracy compared to India

If we talk about laws for equality of woman, improving working women’s environment hardly anybody in the parliament will pay heed to it. There are much bigger issues there - religion, reservation, poverty, corruption, joblessness etc. So improving working women’s conditions, amending laws for betterment of working woman is for sure a non-serious issue.

A conservative society as is ours, we do not talk about sexual harassment in open, in public. But those men who want to "use" their subordinate women are further emboldened by this "conservative" India society. In India woman is to remain subdued, maintain modesty, otherwise she’d be taken as an unfortunate one in our society. Talking/raising issue of sexual harassment is taboo. Company will not listen to you just because the laws are so loose here in India. Police will not file a complaint - no way unless it is caught in media glare. Going to court is further harassment. It can take 20 years! After you’ve won what are you going to get? A little compensation with 8% interest on it, and company and the management go scot free.

Not any more. This is what I’m determined to do. I pledge to provide this to our working Indian sisters:

  • A platform to discuss and talk openly about issues and hassles of working woman in India
  • To spread awareness about Indian laws & labour laws with respect to working woman in case they need to use them
  • Take up working woman’s inequality issues with regard to their male counterparts
  • Take up dislike/disrespect shown by almost each and every company in India for womanhood issues like menses, pregnancy, child care leave etc
  • Provide to our society various statistics to assess the issues that beset our Indian working woman
  • Provide a forum where any working woman can discuss anonymously about her company policies & issues with other employees
  • Provide a forum to provide help including legal one for those who need it
  • Provide a forum to help women be aware of sexual harassment and discuss help, solution to fight this menace – without any fear