Protest against the increasing violence against working women in IT/ITES industry in Bengaluru

21st Century has enabled women to come out and contribute in the international space. Women are able to contribute and achieve in all the areas they step in. But, Domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of gender-based violence deprive women and girls of their fundamental ability to live with dignity.

The Recent incidents as follows proves that the moral violence against women is practiced in alarming rate all over India.

'Culture police' barge into home stay, attack women - Mangalore July 29th 2012

A young women was molested by a mob of 30 men outside a Pub - Guwahati July 9th 2012

Pregnant woman admitted for delivery allegedly molested by lab technician at hospital  - NewDelhi July 15th 2012

Garment worker pushed out of train; Anganwadi assistant molested - Bangalore; Mandya July 25th 2012.

As Indian Citizens everybody has right to educate, advice, comment, criticize an individual or a group on Culture, Morality etc., But, people react barbarically on women and it results in teasing, Molestation and Rape which is not admissible in any form. Instead of taking action against these people,our Ministers, leaders, heads of women organization advices women to Dress up and behave in such a way that  it will not provoke people to indulge in such incidents. 

We ITHI, a support FORUM for women employed in IT/ITES Strongly condemn such statements and voice against the Violence against women all over India. 

Please join us for a protest against Moral policing and violence against women on 4th Aug 2012, Saturday in Madiwala at 4:30 PM.

protest against violence against women in IT/ITES industry



I hv joined a company on 12th March and my confirmation is due on 12th Sep
I got to know this week that I am pregnant and my doctor asked me for bed rest
pls advise if i tell my office about this, are they allowed to sack me from my job as per law consedering I am not yet confirmed empolyee

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